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Tips for Great Head

Rules for Giving Great Head…

Ladies/And some gents, we all think we are good at it, but here are some tips that might improve what you already do. You really can’t go wrong with trying it..

#rule1 LOVE what you’re sucking!

#rule2 relax. it’s just a dick. It’s not going to ruin your reputation…UNLESS YOU LET IT

#rule3 no man likes dry  head… so spit on it and keep it wet…

#rule4 let it choke you a lil bit, that’ll make you slobber on it even more, so let it hit the back of your throat

#rule5 hum the Love Boat theme song on his balls, it sounds crazy, but he’s going to love it.

#rule6 use your hands. make sure they’re soft. dont jack him off with dry ass hands…

#rule7 use your tongue to stroke his dick and swirl it around the head

#rule8 if you feel like your gonna gag, clench your thumb in ur fists! this helps you deep throat a bit more 

#rule9 pull your titties out, wrap them around his dick, spit on it, lick it, tell him he isn’t shit and put it back in your mouth…

#rule10 play with your pussy. He’ll like that. If you are wet, wipe it on his dick n suck it off. He’ll like that too.

#rule11 look at him, talk dirty to him, keep it as wet and slobbery as possible…tell him how badly you want to taste his cum

 #rule12 slap it on your tongue, stuff it in your cheeks, get all porn star on him…

 #rule13 if your man wants to grab your hair and fuck your face, let him.

 #rule14 let him put it in your pussy for like, 10 strokes then pull it out, then suck him some more, he might pass out

 #rule15 make some sexy noises on his dick, try not to sound like a banshee though, start out slow then build up

 #rule16 if you have a problem producing saliva, drink a few swigs of milk first. his dick’ll be wrinkled by the time you’re done with it

#rule17 make him feel like his dick is the only dick in the world, bless that man. he worked all day. he deserves it.

There it is ladies! Read, take notes, practice. Men, like it, and “accidentally” open this shit up when you’re girl around. *wink wink*

What’s your favorite rule?

Share it.